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Mission & History

Our Mission

Let All The Children Play (LATCP) is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives and dignity of all children by developing accessible playgrounds and inclusive recreation programs allowing children with disabilities the opportunity to experience play, side-by-side, with their able-bodied peers.

Let All The Children Play recognizes the right of everyone to be included through sports and play projects and programs that improve recreational opportunities for all children and young adults within the community.

Let All The Children Play understands the vital benefits of play and looks to level the playing fields for children of all abilities. Without accessible play, children are denied access to a social circle of peers along with being denied the physical and cognitive benefits that play provides.

Our History

Oct. 2005       Opening of Park Haverim accessible playground in Ra'anana, Israel              

Mar. 2006       LATCP exempt status as a 501 (c) (3)

Nov. 2007      Approval from Nassau County for $820,000 funding for LATCP accessible playground at Eisenhower Park from the 2006 Environmental Bond Fund

July 2008       Signed permit agreement between LATCP & the Nassau County Department of Parks, Recreations & Museums

Oct. 2008      Grant approval for a $250,000 matching CCAP grant sponsored by Assemblyman Harvey Weisenberg

May 2009      Grant approval from NYS EPF Grant in amount of $200,000

Aug. 2010     LATCP & Hofstra University host Inclusive Summer Sports Clinics

Oct. 2010      Official Groundbreaking at Eisenhower Park

Dec. 2010     Eisenhower Park accessible playground approved by Nassau County Legislature

June 2011     Construction starts at Eisenhower Park Playground

June 2011     Inclusive Sports Clinic presented by LATCP & TOBAY

May 2012     Opening of LATCP & Kulanu Basketball Tournament Weekend

Oct. 2012     Inclusive LATCP & Kulanu Basketball Tournament Weekend 

Feb. 2014     LATCP & Hofstra University host Inclusive Sports Clinics

Summer 2014     Summer series of Inclusive Sports Programs

Sep. 2014     Nassau County Inclusion Day



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